Taiwan : Alishan part 1

_MG_8109-press03/07/12, 2:01 AM UTC.

This post is completed 31 July 2014. Yes, roughly 2 years later and probably 20 days before I head to Taiwan again. See how behind I am! Anyways…….

No visit to Taiwan would be complete if you did not visit Alishan. Alishan is a nature reserve and resort area located in the mountains of Chiayi. Alishan contains scenic views, waterfalls, lakes, high altitude tea plantations and the great forest wilderness.

I will let the photos tell the beauty of nature.

The parking area at Alishan.

Plum blossoms were blooming.

Visitor Centre deck.

Old trains remind me of the olden days where they run on coal and steam.

These days, they run on diesel.

You will have to take a short train ride to the actual park.

Alishan has many tall trees. You will think you are in some part of Middle Earth.

Some trees have peculiar shapes.

I would not mind staying here but the roots at the entrance look like a pile of snakes.

Younger Sister Pond.

Elder Sister Pond

There is a story that two sisters jumped into the ponds to commit suicide over love. Unfortunately, recent studies conducted by scholars discovered that this was a fake story made up by a photographer to attract tourist to take photos for a fee.

Click here for part 2.


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