Taiwan : Shilin Night Market


So if you are in Taipei, you will want to head over to Shilin Night Market. It is probably 5 minutes walk from the Jiantan MRT station across the road.

In 2012, the night market has shifted to an underground food court.

Before we headed down, we spent some time along the roads above.

Hot Star Fried Chicken. 

There was a long queue for some fried chicken.

Hot Star is a famous fried chicken shop in Shilin. You must eat at this place if you want fried chicken.

Look at the top left corner. I think that is telling you how the queue will form. That is a long queue!

With Asian efficiency, everyone plays a role.

Crispy yummy fried chicken.

As we got our serving, more and more people started queuing.

There was Malaysian cuisine on offer here too. Mostly chinese food with a hint of Malaysia.

The roads are lined games and makes you feel like you are in an amusement park.

Lots of fruit stalls are open as well. The colors are just lovely.

Others also try their luck at selling fried chicken.

Is it me or do the Taiwan people know how to make a fruit stall look pleasant and interesting. 

Try your luck?

Anyways, it was time to head down to the night market that is now known as underground food court.

This place is air conditioned.

There are so many stalls here.

This one was deep fried seafood mainly.

I loved how the colors of the prawns and crab burn orange.

More sausages!

And another food stall.

Oyster Omelette.

We tried out the oyster omelette.

Fried eggs and add in the oysters.

.Slightly different from the Malaysian styled oyster omelette. I still think the ones in Penang are on par if not better.

Stinky bean curd.

Here it is! You can literally smell it all over when you head down to this food court. The smell is fantastic, pungent and repulsive.

How did it taste? Like any other bean curd. I think it is all in the smell. But once you put it in your mouth, it taste just like any ordinary bean curd. The smell just disappears.

Lemon Aiyu Jelly.

It was time for some refreshment having eaten two fried heaty dishes. Lemon aiyu jelly is one of the popular eats here.

The shine in the jelly just makes it so tempting.

So there you go, a few snacks at the night market. We had just came back from Alishan and it has been a long day since getting up at 5am to try and chase the sunrise.

Time to head over to the next spot before going back to the home stay.

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