Taiwan : King’s Garden Villa Hot Springs, Guangzhiling.


One of the things you do not want to miss in Taiwan are the hot spring spas. Head to the town of Guangzhiling, on your way to Alishan. The area is known for hot springs baths and spas. One specialty is the mud/clay which you can apply on your skin.

Mr. Xu brought us to King’s Garden Villa at Guangzhiling. I was quite surprised to find this place listed on Lonely Planet’s website too.

This place is really a King’s Garden. It is a very classy establishment. The decor is very regal and if you spend enough time here, you will feel like a King.

There is accommodation here if you intend to stay for the night.

King’s Garden Villa is very well maintained and if you look around, it is spotless clean.

For NTD700, you’ll get 2 hours and a fairly spacious room  that pretty much looks like a luxury bathroom which will contain a pool for your hot dipping. This is perfect for two people.

The private rooms were very clean.

The pool on the left contains cold mountain water. Go into the hot water for 10 mins,  and then come out and dip into the cold water for 5 mins (or less) and then go back to the hot one again. This is to help blood flow in body. This “shock” treatment is known to boost your body’s immune systems and also get the adrenaline pumping.

Hot Water is brought in via pipes.  It is piping hot so do be careful and test the heat before going in. Pour some cold mountain water from the pool on the left to balance the temperature.

I will not post the photo of my applying the clay on my face. It is too scary.

After the relaxing treatment in the hot springs, you should feel refreshed and loosen up. It was worth the money. After this, I started feeling very sleepy.


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