Taiwan : Da Guan Restaurant 達官現炒, Alishan


Da Guan Restuarant is an establishment along the road up to Alishan. Just about 5 minutes from Small Swiss Homestay, Mr. Xu picked us up and took us for dinner.

It was already getting cold in the hills and though I enjoyed the cold, my fever was getting the better of me.

Dinner was simple yet delicious.

Tau Foo

The tau foo has wasabi topping so the flavor is interesting and surprisingly very good. The slight kick from the wasabi enhances the flavor of this dish.

All dishes here are primarily cooked using oil from the tea leaves, since Alishan is a tea plantation area. Because the oil is made from tea, the dishes has a small tinge of tea taste/smell and it is actually very healthy.

Kung Pau chicken! It looks like it. Slightly spicy but very flavorful.

Century eggs added flavor to the rice. The century egg dish is actually marvelous. Never thought that century egg can be cooked into a dish like this. Slight tinge of spicy but again, tea leaves aroma makes a good addition of taste and smell in it.

Hot clam soup in rice wine.

This soup is good for cold weather (like Alishan). The clam is fresh and the taste  of the soup is extremely delicious.

If you asked me, I do not recall much of this meal. I was shivering, uncomfortable and running a fever. But even thru that, I would say the food was very very good. The taste is something extraordinary since we haven’t tasted something like this before.

There was a staff that was Indonesian and when she overheard us talking in Bahasa Melayu ( quite similar to Bahasa Indonesia), she was so happy and we spoke a bit.


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