Taiwan : Goodbye Hualien


After an afternoon riding around the East Coast, Mr Lee drove us back to Hualien city. He was struggling to figure out places to bring us since we did not spend much time in many places.

Mr. Lee brought us to a shop that sold a very special drink in Hualien known as red tea. Miaokou Red Tea is the name of the shop and it is open 24 hours.

This shop is very popular. It has sold red tea for over a century.

No. 218號, Chénggōng St, Hualian City Hualien County, Taiwan 970‎

+886 3 832 3846 038323846.tw.tranews.com

Pine Garden

The next spot Mr.Lee brought us was up a small hill to Pine Garden.

This idyllic garden was built in 1943 and was used by the Japanese as a military office.

Located at the highest point in Hualien City, Pine Garden was regarded as a key center as well as recreational retreat for ranking military officials of the Japanese military.

This site was said to be the place where Kamikaze Japanese pilots would be bestowed with Heavenly Emperor wine on the even of their suicide missions. When World War II was over, the American Army made it into a vacation resort.

This place is very tranquil. A quiet place to read or to enjoy the gentle breeze.

In such a place, you’d be tempted to get a book and start reading.

Presently, it is has been renovated into a cultural center displaying various arts and handicrafts for sale.

It was time to take a stroll along Meilun Coast Park before the end of our Hualien trip. Hold your loved one’s hand and walk this scenic park. 

This park is located near Hualien Port. You will see ships coming in to dock.

Along the way, there will be joggers doing their evening exercise.  There are many old trees that have been here hundreds of years.

Taking an evening walk here is very enjoyable.

Hualien’s pace is a bit slower compared to other cities. There was time to slow down and enjoy nature. The air is fresh and in certain places, time stood still.

Around 530pm, it was time to head to the train station to catch our train back to Taipei.

The train station is filled with people.

It was time to board soon.

As usual, buy a bento set on the train. Even if you are not hungry, you will want to eat this.

By 930pm, we were back in Taipei. Time to head in. Tomorrow, we head to Alishan.


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