Taiwan : East Coast Scenic Tour part 2


It was a nice drive along the way. The scenery was spectacular. The sun decided to come out for a while, and we had blue skies.

I took the opportunity to snap some photos. The colors are amazing. Fields of green and skies deep blue.

Mr.Lee stopped us at a good lookout point. There was a few gazebos leading up this small hill. The walk up to the lookout points take about 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure you go all the way to the top.

Do not be surprised if you see people fishing off this hill. They will cast their lines all the way down to the sea.

I carried her on piggyback up this path. It is something romantic to do. Thigh and leg power.

You can get a view of the small town below. Parked somewhere down there is Mr. Lee.

The view here is beautiful. It is also quite windy with the sea breeze blowing in. This place is a little quiet so do be careful. Bring some water as the walk up here will be tiring.

The next spot was Fanshuliao, a spectacular gorge on the East Coast Highway.

You can take the walk across the bridge.

There is a local legend here. Aborigines would vault across this gorge on bamboo poles. Whoever made it across would be made chief. Such was the value of courage and bravery. Many yound bravestried and fell to their death.

The bamboo poles that they used, survived and make up the bamboo forest below.

After a day of driving around, we headed back to Hualien for the last portion of our tour before heading back to Taipei.


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