Taiwan : East Coast Scenic Tour part 1


Hopping into Mr. Lee’s taxi for the morning tour, we checked out of Andy’s Homestay. This day would end with a ride to the train station.

The picture shows you the locations of distant citys, like San Francisco, Los Angeles.

We went up a hill that had a resort next to Hualien Farglory Water Park.  There was a nice garden at the back facing the sea.

The sea is just beautiful. We went along a few lookout points. This tour has been blue all the way. The overcast skies did nothing to dampen the beauty of the blue ocean.

Shitiping 石梯坪.

There are certain places where you would have to climb the rocks to get to the top.

The blue sea would crash in on every wave.

These locations are windy. Do watch your steps.

These caves and underwater caverns are deep. Be careful.

You may ask me, “What is this?” This is Tropic of Cancer marker park. The Tropic of Cancer passed thru the location 23.5 degrees North. You can use this as a sundial.

Taken from http://www.erv-nsa.gov.tw

Every summer, the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. This “shadowless” effect that takes place at noon is the Tropic of Cancer’s unique astronomical phenomenon.

The storm clouds were rolling in.

There are some performers here. A lot of tour buses come here and this place will be packed with people.

Baxian Caves 八仙洞, a temple in a cave, this is a sacred site for Buddhist and GuanYin disciples. The story behind this place is that villagers used these caves as protection from flood. After that, this place is kept sacred.

Do watch your steps here also as it can get slippery. Water from the cave does drip down.

I met a friend here. Unfortunately, I did not have a snack for him. Poor fella. He would then go to another group of tourists to ask for snacks.

Across the road from the cave temple, you can head to the beach. Hello Pacific Ocean.

Mr Lee brought us to a site that even he does not know. His friends told him about it and he brought us along.

The cave that is shaped like a car. There some workers,fishermen taking a lunch nap behind me.

…..to be continued……


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