Taiwan : Swallow Grotto, Taroko Gorge


Swallow Grotto is aptly named after the birds who took up residences in these cliffs. The rivers carved thru the cliffs of the past thousands of years. Starting at the Jinheng bridge, the pathway comprises of pedestrian walkways and road walkways. You must be careful when you walk here as tourists and cars are aplenty. After about 20 minutes drive from Shakadang Trail, you will arrive. You are provided construction helmets in case of falling rocks.

There is an explanation on Swallow Grotto. You may take some time to read it.

Take this path so that you do not walk on the main road.

Wear your helmet. In case rocks tumble down on you, you are protected. It is a bit hot wearing it but better than getting a massive headache or a concussion.

Beware of Rockfalls. Please pass quickly.

Heed this warning.

As you walk the trail, you may take in the magnificent views of the Liwu river as it flows gray. I was told that the water of the river turns blue ONLY after an earthquake.

The rock layers that have seen centuries of erosion as the river passed thru them.

As you walk thru the tunnels, take a look at the work done on the roof of the tunnels. You will see well chipped rocks square and straight.

For those bringing children, hold their hands. Cars and pedestrians use these paths and you need to be careful.

This is a tribute to Chief Engineer JinHeng. He was killed in a landslide during the construction of this highway.

If only it was blue water.

If you look properly at the shape, it is the shape of Taiwan. Mr Li asked us to look upwards and see Taiwan. After a few seconds, you will see the shape he was talking about. Your tour guide will probably drop you off at the start of the Jinheng bridge. Then you will make your way on foot on your own until the Memorial. There are restrooms and also souvenir shops located here.


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