Taiwan : Eternal Spring Shrine, Taroko Gorge


Built to commemorate the 212 veterans who died during the building of Central Cross-Island Highway, the Eternal Spring Shrine is a picturesque location in Taroko Gorge. It is also known as Changchun Shrine.

Visitors can take photographs of the Shrine from across the gorge. You then cross the bridge.

You can view the small tunnel carved into the mountain wall towards the shrine.

As you head down and into the path, watch your head.

It can get slippery on the path. Do watch your steps.

On wet days, do watch your steps.

The waterfalls topstream rush thru the shrine and giving it an eternal spring. Spend some time here thinking of those who worked and sacrificed their lives so that you have a proper road to come thru Taroko Gorge.


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