Taiwan : Cimu Bridge, Taroko Gorge


Built to remember Mom.

After Swallow Grotto, you will pass thru a few tunnels and arrive at this red bridge. Parking is limited during busy periods but today, it was quite free. Not too many people. Be careful when you cross the roads.

Cimu Bridge or Motherly Devotion Bridge was built by late President Chiang Jing-guo, in memory of his mother, during construction of the road. Cimu pavilion area is on the east side of the bridge, built by late President Chiang Kai-shek, in memory of his mother, Mrs. Wang.

The pavilion where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze.

The shape of the rocks on the right looks like a frog and the pavilion built is like a crown for the frog, hence the Crowned Frog.

As you travel this path, do spare a thought for your mother at home. Mom always wait for you. Mom always wait on you. Mom always think of you, no matter how far you travel.

Beyond the bridge, there is another pavilion which is the crown of the frog.

There is a suspension bridge which will take you to a hiking trail.

This was a bit low and I smashed my head against the wall. No damage done. You can cross this suspension bridge and test your vertigo.

The other side where the trail starts.

The crown of the frog.


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