Taiwan : Chingshui Cliff, Hualien


Chingshui Cliff is the English name, but it is ‘clear water broken cliff’ in Mandarin or ‘Qing Shui Tuan Ya’.

This is a majestic view. Along the 21km coastal drive, you will be privy to views such as this. The coastal road connects Yilan and Hualien via the east coast of Taiwan.

Look outwards and you will know that thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean out there, is the Americas.

Spend a few minutes here, taking photos and admiring the blue Pacific ocean.

Throw a message in a bottle and see if float around. It may take years but one day, maybe, someone in the Americas will find it. Just a thought.

Towering behind

Between the rest stop and the cliff, the roads snake thru the cliffs. Road closures are quite common if earthquake are detected.

This location is a brief stop and worth the time. You can spend about 15 to 30 minutes here and be on your way. I’d recommend this visit.


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