Taiwan : Andy Homestay, Hualien


Andy Homestay is an establishment ran by a couple. From the previous posts, Andy had taken our luggage earlier whilst we hopped onto Mr Lee’s taxi for the day’s tour. After our evening in Hualien, we went to check in at Andy Homestay. We spent time talking to him on the patio after we lit our lantern and sent it into the skies with our wishes. Andy speaks English, which will be helpful for travelers in a foreign country.

The conversation was enjoyable as we spoke about Singapore and Malaysia, whilst he told us about Taiwan.

This lists the places we want to go for now. Go thru the blog to find out if some of these places were traveled.

Apparently, I need to teach people how to use my camera.

Raisin Bagels warmed and served to you as a welcome snack.

Best to eat these warm with butter. A nice snack for the evening. Homemade goodness.

It was time to freshen up and head to bed. It has been a long day.

I went downstairs to take photos of the living room.

Everywhere just feels like home.

Good night.

I woke up early and walked out the front gates of the compound. You will have to go thru a few bushes and plants. Just bring a flashlight to light your path. Once you pass the bushes about 30-40 meters thru, you will see the beach.

The weather was not too good and there were clouds on the horizon. I stood there awaiting the sunrise and also saw a few fisherman drive up to the beach and started casting their lines.

As the sun rose, the mountains behind me illuminated.

It was a clear blue sky day, a sign of an impending sunny day.

The front entrance to Andy Homestay. Just mind the dog as they like to bark and protect the large compound.

Morning breakfast latte.

Some bagels and fruits are provided.

Taiwanese style sandwiches are a must try in Taiwan.

This is goat’s milk. Add to coffee.

We took a walk around the farm compounds.

They plant vegetables and fruits. There are also ducks, turkeys, chickens and goats on the compound.

A newborn baby goat.

There are some aloe vera planted in the fields.

The homestay is a beautiful place to stay. It feels very much like home. It was a home away from home.  Andy and his wife treated us well and we felt like family. If we ever do come back to Hualien, I’d stay an extra day.

Travel advisory :

  1. When you reach the train station at Hualien, make sure you do not get tricked into being brought / tour-jacked to another home-stay by opportunist taxis and home-stay owners. This is known to happen. Do make a phone call to Andy.
  2. Book in advance.
  3. Train tickets are limited especially on weekends. Please book your tickets online or ask Andy to help you book.

No.13, Jieyue St., Hualien City, Hualien, Taiwan 970

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