Taiwan : An evening snacking in Hualien


We were heading back to Hualien in the evening. It has been a long day. Mr Lee was going to head for family dinner and before that, he took us to get a snack. We were to look for our own dinner. It was something I was looking forward to.

Cōng yóubǐng, 蔥油餅. 

Mr Lee stopped by to buy us fried onion cake, Cōng yóubǐng, 蔥油餅.

This van-cum-roadside stall seems to be a family business that keeps churning out fried onion pancakes for the long line of customers.

Made from onions, eggs, sauce and deep fried, the result is a gastronomic adventure you must try whilst in Taiwan.

Eat it when it is hot.

There is an egg inside. Do ask for some chili as it will enhance the taste. It is not spicy.  The deep fried outer layer is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Hualien has its own night market. Just walk the street and find the various items on sale.

Dumplings are a feature in Taiwan. Do not leave Taiwan without eating the dumplings.

Be sure to buy some clothes here.

Pig trotters.


Xiaolongbao (simplified Chinese: 小笼包; traditional Chinese: 小籠包; pinyin: xiǎolóngbāo) is a type of steamed bun that contains soup and some meat fillings inside.

The wall of this restaurant is filled with autographs and photos of famous people who have dined here.

When you pick one up with your chopsticks, be careful as a puncture will cause all the soup to spill out.

Pork meats in the steamed buns.

Dip it in the special chili sauce that they have.

Glass noodles was also on sale here too. It was a nice warm starchy dish to accompany the steamed buns.


There are many Taiwanese desserts. One popular dessert is mango shaved ice. The infatuation of mango in desserts among the Taiwanese people is commendable. I love mangoes.

The ice is thinly shaven to give it a very light texture. The dessert is not very sweet and the mango flavors are bold.

Eat this slowly or you will get a brain freeze.

Almond jelly ice.

Time to head to Andy’s place. What a tiring day.


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