Seattle : Little Chinook’s at Fisherman’s Terminal


Lunch time. Probably an all time favorite of many locals, Dean and Susie brought us to this place some 15 minutes away from office.

This restaurant is more of a To-Go , Walk Up, Take Away styled eatery. There is a small place to dine but the main modus operandi expects you to take your food away. This is a quick bite styled food place.

Though deep fried, the meal felt anything but oily. The flavors were well infused and the preserved. You can taste the sea!

A bit of coleslaw.

The crispy clam strips are addictive. So addictive! Add vinegar and also try to enjoy it with the various dips available. I think this will be perfect for watching the ball game or a movie.

Deep fried juicy shrimp, fresh and sweet. Seafood in Seattle and probably every large Pacific West coast city should be fresh.

A simple yet enjoyable meal, thanks to my colleagues. I’d recommend coming here for a quick bite. The Fishermen’s Memorial is also outside for those Deadliest Catch Fans. That is the next post.

1900 W. Nickerson St
Seattle, WA 98119
PH: (206) 283-4665

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