Seattle : Alki Beach and Pegasus Pizza

Take the bus to West Seattle, to a more quieter part overlooking the Bay.

There you will find Alki Beach, and a beautiful skyline of Seattle.

The occasional streaks in the sky are planes flying by to Sea-Tac International Airport.

Another serene and peaceful location, I arrived slightly after the sunset and whilst some were jogging or walking their dog, I was prone on the ground setting up my tripod for some photos.

As the occasional joggers reduced and with it getting dark, I decided to head over for some warm pizza at Pegasus. it was a long walk to the other side of Alki so I took a short bus ride. I had transit tickets so it was easy. Walking would take about 20 minutes. Not too bad a walk if you so choose.

Pegasus is a Greek pizza place recommended by Tate.

Filled with locals and a quiet place for some pizza, I started to enjoy the warmth in Pegagus.

The customary water in ice and time to order.

I was in dilemma. I can eat but having two pizzas at one go was a bit too much.

I made my order of a half and half comprising of two pizzas in one.

Each half had a different taste and it allowed me, on my appetite to consume one pizza without over ordering.

Warm garlic bread on a cool Seattle evening before dinner is a great thing.

So after about 20 minutes, my beautiful pizza arrived.

Many people were looking at me as I took photos of the food and blasted my flash at my food. Must be strange but this happens in Asia all the time.

Look at the thick fluffy crust oozing thick cheese and flavor.

One of the BEST pizzas I have taken.

After chomping down on crispy bacon and cheese on dough, I thought it would be awesome to head back to Seattle and head for the bed.

With belly full, it was time for some late night shopping at Safeway for groceries and good night.


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