Seattle : Jose Rizal Park

_MG_5403-pressTone up the cliches! This is another touristy cliche shot but boy was I glad I came here. Just like the Space Needle shot, you will see this iconic shot in many photo frames.

After work, I journeyed to Downtown and got on the 36 bus. I asked the bus driver politely to let me know when to alight to head to Jose Rizal. After crossing the interstate, I was told to alight at Golf Dr S & 14th Ave S. I walked across the grounds of Pacific Medical Center and headed into a small field.

The park was named after Jose Rizal, a Philippines National Hero. At the base of Beacon Hill, you can get a nice photograph of Seattle.

Evening was setting in. The sky colors started to change. I love the colors.

The evening traffic was heavy and contributed to the colorful streaks on the interstate.

The clouds moved in and reflected the city lights. I was all alone in the park and I knew it was my cue.

I spent a short time here. It was a quiet location and with the night drawing near, it was time to hop on a bus and head back to town. My transit ticket was also expiring.

I am glad I managed to get this set of photos. As cliche as they are, they are classic photos of Seattle.


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