Seattle : Dungeness Crab at Ivars Acres of Clams


It is quite ironic that I come to this place named House of Clams for crab.

I had tried the King Crab (awesome) at Elliot’s Oyster House the other day and now it was time to try the dungeness crab.

The crab that I wanted to taste was dungeness crab.

I made my order.

Dungeness crab is not much different from the normal crabs we get in Malaysia.

The crab I got was somewhat ‘dirty’ but then again, you cannot really be too picky.

Fresh crab always has the taste of the sea and this dish was no exception.

I ate my fill and chomped down the vegetables and started the short 20 minute walk back to Homewood.

I love the daily long evening walks I take in Seattle. Perfect weather, peace and quiet.

Of course, 8 degrees Celcius does help a lot. I love the cold.


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