San Francisco : Golden Gate Bridge


Good morning San Francisco! Clear blue skies ahead for today. Perfect weather to head down into the sun. Head over to Fort Point and take these photos.

After parking, you will be able to see a trail where many people will be jogging. On this point, turn right and head down. It will lead you to the sea level.

You can feel the crashing waves from the bay. They crash on the rocks, spraying a mist on you.

So happy, smiling from cheek to cheek.

Lots of people cycle and jog here. With it being the weekend, expect more pedestrians.

As I walked along the walkway, I had to pinch myself as this felt like a dream.

The bridge works by deploying the arch geometry that is known to be stable and capable of withstanding enormous forces.

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most photographed bridge in the world. Look at this bridge and you know you are in San Francisco.

This point is the furthest west you can go at Fort Point. You will see Hopper’s Hands.

Hopper is a true San Francisco here. He is one of the many iron workers who risk life and limb daily to maintain this beautiful bridge. He also volunteers for the suicide rescue who work hard to stop people from attempting suicide off this bridge.

Just stand here and spend a few minutes to enjoy the view. This was such a beautiful place. In 1989, I left my heart in San Francisco. In 2012, I came back to visit my heart and for those brief moments, I felt warmth and was glad to be alive.

We drove off to head to the other side. Watch the video below as we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge heading to Vista Point on the South-east side of the Golden Gate Bridge to give you a different view.

The drive is a bit noisy due to the surface of the road on the Golden Gate Bridge. Sorry for the shaky video. I had my hands out the window, holding the camera. The hissing sound is basically the wind blasting by.

Many will take the walk to enjoy the scene and the experience.

Far in the background, the city of San Francisco.

Cue the theme song from Full House.

You can actually walk under the Golden Gate Bridge from Vista Point across the road.  This is a pedestrian walkway.

After Vista Point, we took a quick spin down to Sausalito, a picturesque town. This small town is laid back and cozy.

Turning around in Sausalito, we were heading back to San Francisco but not before heading up to Battery Spencer for more shots.

It was starting to get harsh and the sun was staring us in the face. It was going to be tough to get a good shot. It was time to head off elsewhere. My aunts and I decided to head off to the next location.

Off to Fisherman’s Wharf!


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