San Francisco : Fisherman’s Wharf


This was one of my favorite places to come to. Why? There was an arcade at Pier 39. I remember those days, me asking my dad for quarters as I loved playing a game where King Kong climbs towers and fights of enemy planes.

Today was a clear morning and the sun was up. It was a nice chill breeze while you sit and enjoy the warmth the sun brings upon your cheeks.

On the weekends, this place is packed.

Head over here to crab some lunch. My aunts and I went to crab the sandwich on the red stall.

Sally’s famous fishwich was recommended by my aunts. I am not a fish person. I hate fish but this was awesome!

The fish was fresh, flavorful, and perfectly crispy. It does not feel like it took a swim in the oil.  The  vegetable mix a-la-coleslaw was thrown into the mix of olive oil to add flavor and variety to the fishwich.

As you line up, you will see this on display. It does look huge but all the more to eat.

The bread was soft and the fish very fresh. Chomp down on this with delight. This one gets my recommendations. USD$ 5.

As you walk further….

There are a lot of seagulls in this location. In the background is Alcatraz, the famous prison which now serves as a museum.

This area is filled with seagulls. They know humans come here often and eat and drop lots of food. This area feels like a beginning of a scene in Hitchcock’s The Birds.

No stopping, any time. Keep flying.


The sea gulls are not afraid of us. They probably see us as moving branches.

Parked at the pier.

There are many tours here and boats packed with people usually head out.

Fisherman’s Wharf is filled with people. This is probably the heart of the wharf and a busy intersection. Pedestrian traffic is huge here.

Street performers.

There are lots of seafood eateries here. Lobsters, clams, shrimp, crabs are a plenty here.

These looked very appealing but I was skipping crab for today.

This is where most people usually sit down to eat. Look at the….littering.

A nice deep fried seafood platter. There are fries, squid, abalone and shrimp.

The clam chowder gives you a nice warm feeling.

A shrimp sandwich! There are a lot of fresh seafood to go around.

There was a mechanical toy museum here.

In the world of electronics, we forget that many of the early days slot machines and slot games where mechanical replying on springs, physics and a lot of engineering.

This mini-museum is filled with yesterday’s amusement toys.

These games do feel and look classic. More attractive compared to the modern ones. It was good that they were being preserved as part of our past.

This is a very old fire alarm system. It is still in working condition.

You may rent bikes and cycle around on your own.

I entered this shop to buy souvenirs.

As we left Fisherman’s Wharf, we drove by the area where they turned the San Francisco Trams. This was the end of the line and the trams are usually rotated to head back on the opposite direction.

Having spent some time here, it was time to head up into the hills.


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