San Francisco : Dinner at Koi Palace.



After a busy day running around town seeing almost everything that I can with my aunt, everyone met up at this restaurant for a family dinner

I really do miss family and this was really something I cherish.

I really do not know when I will get a chance to happy dinner with everyone again. I hope it is not in another 13 years.

Chinese food is always awesome if you find the right place. I will say that I enjoyed the meal because of the company that I had with me.

Where’s the Koi?

My favorite appetizer.

Walnut and mayonnaised prawns.

Make your own rwap.

Steamed dumplings.

Cashew cucumbers.

Onion fried pork chops.

Roast duck and chicken combo.

Steamed lobster. This was awesome with every flavor in the broth.

Steamed fish.

After dinner, I hugged my aunts, uncles and cousins, knowing I will need to head to the airport for my evening flight back to Seattle.

Dinner costs USD175.37 for about 10 of us. A great family dinner.


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