San Francisco : Driving Around Downtown, Chinatown.


Arrival into San Francisco and I was whisked away to Downtown. We stopped by at my Aunt’s office. Gap Inc Headquarters.


I could have sworn this was a view used for Grand Theft Auto.

head down the Embarcadero to Rincon Park.

The grass is beautiful and you can see Cupid’s Span.

You can also get a great view of The Bay Bridge at Rincon Park.

The Bay Bridge joins San Francisco with Oakland.

It was the weekend and downtown was slightly quieter.


San Francisco has a large population of Chinese people.

The 1849 Gold Rush spurred the influx of Chinese by ships to California.

Being back in San Francisco was indeed a great feeling.

I think a lot of the Chinese come from Hong Kong and Taiwan, their accent still present in the English.

This Chinatown is nestled in Downtown amongst the steep hills of San Francisco.

Steep steep hills.


As some of you may know, I have family in San Francisco and I did spend some time growing up here, spending 1st and 3rd grade here.

The tram is an icon of San Francisco.

Time to get some pastries for tonight’s dinner.

This boy knocked his head and was crying. Poor guy.

You will get evangelist.

We had to prepare for a family meal in the evening but before that, it was time for some brunch.

I gobbled down Hong Kong style wan tan noodles ( soupy version more frequently popular in Hong Kong).

Tips are still required in Asian restaurants.


The weekend never slows down for the Chinese people and Chinatown was abuzz with life.

My ever so fit aunt rushed us thru the streets of Chinatown and before I knew it, we were heading to Coit Tower.

Coit Tower.

Coit Tower is a welcoming sight for visitors and residence alike.

The statue is of Columbus. If you manage to go up to the tower, you will get a beautiful panoramic view of San Francisco.

[Picture taken from heuristik]

You can get a peak at Alcatraz.

Lombard Street.

Welcome to the road with eight hairpin turns. It is the world’s windiest road.

Check your brakes and head down.

Left right left right.

They should make F1 cars go thru here.

In the movie The Princess Diaries, the above house was used to for the film as Grove High School.

A beautiful house.

Bay Street.

A view of some army houses in Presidio.

It was time to head to Baker Beach nearby.

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