Seattle : Skyline from Kerry Park


Another cliche shot where you can see framed up in hotel lounge or bars. This was a walk up to Kerry Park. Mind you, it is a tough walk, a very steep walk up Queen Anne.

The incline is awesome. It was not easy but I’d imagine if you walk this daily, you should be cardio fit. The cold evening did help a little. I just spurred myself step after step.

After about 15 minutes of walking, I was almost there.

The sign was telling me something. I will not be defeated. Up I went.

Okay, this looks like a framed picture. I decided to covert it to black and white to see the effect. It was really classical.

Kerry Park allowed for a good view of the Space Needle with Downtown in the background. The sun was setting and cast a velvet hue of pink and magenta.

Walking over to the other edge of the park, I took a photo of myself. You can see how happy I am in this photo. I was enjoying my US trip. It is good to be back in “home” country.

I went on top of an apartment’s roof to get a closer shot. Thank you Ross.

All this walking was getting me hungry.

I had salmon for dinner. So nice.

An evening walk like this after work is much enjoyable. You enjoy the solitude and the cold weather makes you feel cosy. As you huddle for warmth with yourself, you will discover strength and thoughts you never once knew you had.  It was roughly an hour’s trip. Walking from work up to Kerry Park and back. I loved this walk.


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