Seattle : An evening’s walk


Evening walks are fun especially when there is a nice path to walk. Right after work, I walked behind my office building to Elliot Bay Trail that hugs Centennial Park all the way to Alaskan Way. I walked this route two evenings consecutive. Enjoying the peaceful evening on my own on these long walks was a welcome after a long day’s work.

Right behind f5’s office building is a bike trail that you can walk. Head west up the road and locate an overhead bridge that will take you down to the bike trail.

Just be careful of the bikes that may zip by. Do take the woodchip trail as that is for pedestrians. Always look before you cross. Bike safety and pedestrian safety is of utmost importance.

I think this is for your dog. Drink up boy!

Fishing salmon the old style. This is just a demo for educational purposes.

A totem pole. The state of Washington does keep a lot of Native American influence. You see roads and buildings using Native American names.

Was I cold? I love the cold!

The park trial ended and I continued on Alaskan Way.

Decision time.

Walking up the stairs to reach downtown level, I took a look at the market’s many side entrances. The market was closed for the day but it did not stop me from taking some photos.

This wall is beautiful. It is a work of art.

Being so late, it was closed for the day.

I walked around downtown aimlessly exploring the roads and junctions.

I passed by Washington State Convention and Trade Center. I kept on walking.

I soon found myself at the Interstate outside of Seattle.

I walked back into downtown and even the street performers were calling it a night.

It was close to 9pm and my walk had taken about 3 hours. I have yet to eat dinner.

Time to call it a day. I walked from from Downtown back to Queen Anne. Dinner was on the agenda.


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