Seattle Space Needle

_MG_5497-press Walk around Seattle and this is probably the most iconic building in Seattle. Built for the World’s Fair in 1962, this tower has become the symbol of the city of Seattle. There are numerous locations to take photos. The above photos was taken during lunch time on the one clear day I enjoyed in Seattle. I took the cab from Elliot Way to the Space Needle just to get the shot. Blue skies are not too common in a city known for overcast skies and rain, so this was a lucky shot.

There are many places to shoot the Seattle skyline and some with varying angles. A few days back, during Valentines’ Day, being alone in Seattle, I decided to follow a few colleagues up to the Seattle Space Needle. The entrance fee was waived as we were dining at the restaurant.

Walking up from Queen Anne, the Space Needle is just next to you.

Steak and Duck confit. To my surprise, these touristy places usually have food just on par but this was very good. The duck was tender and well cooked. The steak was medium well done and was a good portion. 

The ambiance at the SkyCity Restaurant was good. A quiet dining place.

Of course, you need to get some cocktails to enjoy the meal.

I headed upstairs after dinner. It is not a revolving platform so you can walk around to enjoy the view. It is mightily cold at this altitude/ I would say close to 10 degrees Celcius easily.

I was able to snap some shots of downtown handheld. Using a poll as a balance, I stood still and snapped away. I was quite happy with the results.

This view is Alki Beach view.

At 184 meters tall, you can get a beautiful view of the city. It is breath-taking. The cost of tickets is $19 for day entry and $26 for day and night admission. So for $26, you can enter it twice. Google to find more information. My meal costs me around $70 after tax and tip. But it was worth it to enjoy the view of Seattle. Bring along a thick jacket if you are afraid of the cold. I just dressed lightly as I do enjoy the cold.

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