Seattle : Blue skies in Seattle, Pike’s Place and Uli’s


Blue clear skies are a rare commodity in Seattle.

As I peeked thru the windows during my class, I knew I had to make a dash out to get some photos. Lunch time is probably the best times I have seen clear blue skies in Seattle.

So when class took a break for lunch, I dashed into a cab and asked him to drive me up Queen Anne to THe Seattle Space Needle. I had to capture her with the blue backdrop.

I told the cab to wait. I stepped out, shot a few photos and he took me to Downtown.

Stopping on 4th Avenue, I made the quick walk into Pike’s Place Market.

Once you see the cobblestones, you are close to the market.

Of course, it is quite difficult to miss with that sign!

Corner Market is also filled with shops selling pastries, coffee and fruits. If you head down this street, you will find the World’s First Starbucks but this was for another trip.

I entered Pike’s Place Market and soaked in the lunch hour buzz.

Fresh seafood was everywhere.

I had an allure for kind crab.

A staff pours ice to keep the seafood cold and fresh.

They are very friendly here, striking up a conversation and answering whatever questions you have.

If you notice the guy on the right, something just left his hand. At this company, people throw fish back and forth. It becomes an attraction and introduces fun for everyone.

Be sure to pet the bronze pig for good luck at the entrance of Pike’s Place Market. 

You can pack your seaffod to travel with you. As advertised, it does not smell or leak. A decent price. Should I pack some king crab legs back to Singapore? 48 hours seems like a good idea.

Let’s take a walk around. I was getting hungry.

Pike’s Place Market is much quieter on the weekday.

I stopped by this book store to look for a really old book. It was the first book I learnt how to read with and unfortunately, they did not have it.

So much knowledge and reading materials. Kids, these are known as Books.

Cycling is a heavy culture in Seattle.

More seafood shops. The fresh scallops look so juicy.

Wow, peeled prawns!

I was told by Tate to try a tasty hotdog place Uli’s.

Eeney Meaney Miney Moe!

Some were also enjoying the quick lunch.

Have your choice of adding more sauce.

What a beautiful meal.

It did not disappoint. Of course, the sauerkraut is one of my favorites.

As you sink your teeth into the baguette hot dog, you can feel the slight resistance of the hot dog skin and then a pop, a burst of flavor and probably one of the best sausages you can have!

A disgusting yet beautiful cross section of my hotdog.

My short lunch was a rush. I snapped more photos and took the bus back to Elliot Way to continue my class. I was a tad late but then it was fine.

Thanks to Tate for another gastronomical recommendation.

This evening is Pegasus on Alki Beach.

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