Seattle : Homewood Suites

_MG_1811-2-press (1)

Feb 11, 2012
Sat, 12:20 PM UTC -8

This was officially my first time staying at a Hilton owned property.

I had just gotten off a tough flight via United flying from Singapore to Narita and then to Seattle.

It was quite hectic in Narita due to the need to go thru security again to head to the departure halls. We rushed thru the arrival halls and were told to head for a long line, queueing up for departure.

Arrival in Seattle was welcomed. Arcelli had a slight problem passing US Customs and I waited for her at the entrance of the inter-terminal train.

We took a taxi to Seattle. The ride took about 20 minutes and I welcomed the taxi ride, showing me scenes of houses and cozied up around tall trees; a sight I am more accustomed to.

We arrived at Homewood Suites. The cab ride costs USD40 and with USD10 for tips, we checked into our suites.

My impression was WOW. An entire suite.

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