Kuala Lumpur : Satay, Jln Tiong off Jln Ipoh

_MG_7128-pressIf you are craving for satay, skewered charcoal grilled meat, you can head over to Jln Ipoh and dine on some sweet savouring meat. And at an affordable price.

Take a drive to Jln Ipoh. As you come down Kuching Roundabout or the overpass, you should be greeted by an Esso/Petron petrol station. There is a traffic light to allow you to go right.

Take that right and there will be a police station on your left. Behind it, will be a road. Just hug Jln ipoh for about 200 meters and you should be able to turn into Jln Tiong. On the row of street stalls there, you will see a satay stall.

Choices of meat are beef , chicken and lamb.

Fresh cut cucumber and onions are a must for such a hot meal.

The uncle starts up the charcoal fire effortlessly. Within a minute, the fire was burning hot.

My order of beef and chicken satay.

After about 10-15 minutes, your satay should be ready.

I took my satay home to be enjoyed with family.

The satay meat is on the sweeter side. Priced at 60 to 70 cents, it is a cheap meal to enjoy.  I am not certain when they are closed. It is best to give them a call.

The malay couple gave me their phone numbers.

+6016 623 0181

+6016 607 8781


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