Paris : The Thinker at Musee Rodin


It was the afternoon and Musee Rodin was the next location to visit.

No sculpture is more recognized than The Thinker.

Walking thru the garden at Musee Rodin, you will not fail to see The Thinker.

Seeing him in thought, you would naturally feel for the need to be quiet as to not interrupt his thoughts.

There he sits, in deep thought, thru the years. I wonder what thoughts he had.

As my brain raced thru all my thoughts, most being inconclusive and with no conclusion, I felt I shared the same predicament as The Thinker.

Having sat in deep thought for so many years, I for one, hope he has conclusion to his thoughts.

Take a walk around the garden to find the other various sculptures by Auguste Rodin.

Take the Metro to Varenne and this musee is part of the group of musee on your Paris Musee Pass.

Skip the lines and head into the musee ahead of others.

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