Paris : Lourve in the evening


After a long day walking the streets of Paris, we came back to the Lourve for some peace and picturesque photos.

Summer promises to give you long days and if you think this was taken around 8pm, you are wrong.

This is taken at 1030pm.

The sun was setting in the east and the moon was rising.

The plaza usually packed with tourist is empty and quiet.

I took my time taking long exposures as the temperatures started to drop.

If you have the time, just sit here. Sit here and ponder the millions of people who have passed thru this plaza.

The Lourve’s pyramid is a majestic and beautiful work of architecture.

If you get your angles right, you can capture the reflections on the pools.

Imagine how many ghost of Paris’ history had walked these halls and this plaza.

It was getting late and the metros will close soon, we hurriedly made our way back to the Metro. I promise you in the morning, this place will come alive again.




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