Paris : Walking thru Marais 4th Arrondissement


06/04/11, 12:43 PM

After an hour looking thru the interior of Notre Dame, we made our move to continue our day walk. There are some places where we walked but if it was more suitable, we would head down into the Metro if it is to be more convenient and time savings justified it.

We did not want to be underground most of the day so we’d recommend that you take walks when you can and the metro to supplement.

You can see Notre Dame on the left of this photo.

Leaving Notre Dame with a  short walk across Pont Saint Louise and then to Pont Saint Phillipe, we find ourselves in Marais.

A quiet back road.


We were passing thru and decided to spend about 10-20 minutes looking at places that are along the way. The above photo is of Eglise Saint-Gervais.

A quick walk thru this minimally visited eglise still allows us to admire the beautiful stained glass.

Eglise Saint-Gervais was first mentioned in the 4th century and used to be the power seat of wine merchants.

There was a sermon being conducted and we quietly walked around and made out exit.

Each click was precious as the sound of my shutter flapping as I took photos would echo thru the entire eglise. I had to be quiet and quick.


Centre Georges Pompidou. 

06/04/11, 1:23 PM

This unique building which looks like a few pipes put together is Centre Georges Pompidou.

It houses the Public Information Library and is a modern art museum.

We were busy enjoying cherries across the street from a Dia store.

Cafe des Musees.

06/04/11, 2:28 PM

Time for lunch and Cafe des Musees was one of the places we chose to have some escargot. Having read about this place, it was along our route as we walked thru Marais.

After a customary Bonjour Monsieur, parlez vous Anglais?, we sat at the bar whilst we awaited our simple snack.

The Belgian fries were crispy on the outside. Perfectly salted.

Mushroom escargot was ordered. I felt this was more like a mushroom dish rather than an escargot dish.

Une cafe s’il vous plait.

18 euro snack.

Place des Vosges

06/04/11, 2:54 PM

Listed as an historic monument in 1954, the Place des Vosges is situated in the Marais district at the crossroads of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. It is one of the oldest squares in Paris. Lined with large buildings of red brick and blue-tiled roofs, the place des Vosges was previously named ‘place Royale’ under the reign of Henri IV then ‘place des Fédérés’, ‘place de la Fabrication-des-Armes’ and ‘place de l’Indivisibilité’ during the French Revolution. It was only in 1800, in honour of the French ‘département’ Vosges that it was given the name it has today.

A must visit when in Marais. You may even visit Victor Hugo’s house at Maison de Victor Hugo.

We found a Wallace Fountain and topped up our water supply. I love the cold water in Paris.

A quiet peaceful park for a summer’s afternoon.


Time for us to head to Bastille.

The fresh fruits on sale is so colorful and beautiful.

The afternoon was getting hot and it was time for some ice cream. Just bear in mind that ice cream melt really fast on a hot summer’s day.

Rum and raisin ice cream.

As you can see, the ice cream has started to melt.


06/04/11, 3:20 PM

Bastille used to be a prison and it was stormed during the French Revolution.

It was demolished during the French revolution and the July Column is all we see of this former prison ground.


We took the Metro from Bastille to St Paul. Just one stop away and quicker than walking.

Saint-Paul Saint-Louis Church is huge.

We were just walking by and did not go inside. Perhaps some other day.

We made our way to The Lourve and from one of the side entrances, we took a picture of a church across the road, Eglise Saint Germain

Time to visit Mona Lisa.


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