Paris : Notre Dame Morning.


06/04/11, 11:30 AM UTC+8

Photographer’s tip :

The following collection spans two trips to Notre Dame.

If you arrive in the morning, you will be photographing into the sun and will not have any chance of blue skies. Come back in the evening to have blue skies.

On with this post.

Cite metro station will be a common metro stop for you if you want to hit Sainte Chapelle, La Conciergerie and Notre Dame.

After breakfast at L’Annexe, we walked the short corner to Notre Dame. The morning skies were harsh so no photographs of the back exterior.

So much detail into the carvings.

Enter Notre Dame as a tourist and you will walk around the worship area. Please observe silence and humility as actual masses and sermons are held at Notre Dame.

Admire the beautiful stained glasses.

Each section is decorated in their own unique way.

There is a miniature version of Notre Dame behind the pulpit.

We head to the quieter gardens that are on the other side of Notre Dame. Not too many tourists here.

It was time for us to make a move for The Lourve but we did make a return in the evening when the sun was heading to the west and that allowed better photography of the entrance to Notre Dame.


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