Paris : Looking For Mona Lisa at Musee du Louvre.


06/04/11, 4:05 PM UTC+2

Late afternoon and it was time to head into the iconic Musee du Lourve.

It was a lovely Parisien summer’s day and the skies were really blue. I had just passed the entrance and was looking back.

Just a beautiful day.

This iconic feature of Musee du Louvre.

With the musee pass, we skip the long queues.

This is where the holy grail is according to The Da Vinci code.

Thru the many sections.

I love how the veil was carved and how the folds of the cloth, so simple to us, must have taken so much skill and dedication by the sculptor.

It was a quick run thru the Musee du Louvre. We just see and we just move on.

There was a short crowd. Guess why?

Hello Mona Lisa. We finally get to see The World’s most popular painting.

As we walk the halls of the Musee du Louvre, we see ushers following us. Why?

Because it was closing time and that explained why there were not many people in the museum!

Winged Victory of Samothrace also known as Nike of Samothrace.

Good evening. We’ll be back on another day.

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