Paris : La Conciergerie


06/04/11, 10:03 AM UTC+1

La Conciergerie is a French palace turned prison that used to hold one of France’s most popular royalty : Marie Antoinette.

This museum is quieter as there aren’t many tourist who would walk in. Most head down the street a further 100 meters to Sainte Chappelle.

Solemn and dimly lit, you can hear each step you take as it echoes thru the halls.

Close your eyes and imagine.

I believe this is one of the places you would be prepared before heading to the guillotines.

Marie-Antoinette is named on a wall.

Her name shows up on the list of those guillotined during The French Revolution.

We walked by the quiet chapel.

A very solemn and quiet place to meditate and find your thoughts.


The outer courts.

A display showing Marie Antoinette waiting her trial and fate.

It was time to leave and find some breakfast but before that, take a look at the bottom photo.

If you look at the bottom quadrant, you will see some sort of apparition that does not seem to belong. The lighting does not seem symmetric and I’ve done many zoom ins and outs. Playing with different filters and yet I am not able to explain it. I leave it for your judgement.  The apparition seems like a girl in a hood hunched over.

La Conciergerie is part of the Paris Musee Pass. You enter for free and you can cut the queues.

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