Paris : Dinner at Le Royal Tour


If you asked me, I won’t know what to call this meal. Breakfast? Brunch? Lunch? Tea? Dinner? Supper? We had a few hours to burn, whilst waiting for our time to head up the Eiffel Tour. Our tickets were at 8pm. It was only 5pm.

This is the first official meal in Paris. Here are some notes.

  1. Take your time to eat.
  2. Do not take too long to order.
  3. Try and get an outdoor table.
  4. Enjoy the meal. I cannot stress the need to eat slowly and take your time. Enjoy the meal and the company you are with.
  5. Tip the waiter.
  6. Bathrooms are only for patrons.

The evening sun was slowly turning golden and the day was almost over. But, in Paris, summer days are long with 16 hours of sunlight and even at 7pm, the sun is high up in the sky like it is 4pm. There was time to burn and it was time to get some food. The flight to Paris has us eating at different times and we are in GMT+1, which is 7 hours behind. Our biological clock was all upside down and since it was around dinner time, we searched the roads near the Eiffel Tower for a place to sit and eat.

Walking around the Eiffel, this is the Seine river walkway. The Seine is on the left of this picture. Head down and you will get to see the many companies that run the Seine Boat Tours.

Parlez vous anglais? (Do you speak english?)

Oui. (yes)

These are the common words to learn and will get you far. Asking for help and a place to sit, we settled for a small table on the sidewalk and watched the Paris streets walk by. It was typical Paris experience, sitting by the road, having a meal and enjoying the Paris summer evening.

One of the many cafes by the Paris streets.

Eating in Paris is all just a hit. You won’t miss as the foods are roughly of the same quality. Eating on the sidewalk is quite common and probably the best place to eat to enjoy the streetlife. You most likely will see people walking their dogs as you enjoy your meal.

Fizzy water.

Jus d’Orange.

Orange juice is very common in Paris. It is much enjoyed iced cold. The orange juice here has a tinge of bitterness, unlike the sweat cordial sugar bombs of Asian orange juice. I love bitter sour orange juice.

Bread and butter, literally. These were served to us and it does fill you up in case your meal was not enough.

Roasted chicken and fries.

Roasted chicken – nicely cooked. The meat is soft and tender. The meat is well marinated and taste extremely good.  Not salty hence a healthy meal.

Sunny side up egg, beef patty and fries.

It was very continental. For more asian people, you’d ask why on earth are we eating this for dinner? It is more of a breakfast meal from the looks of it. This is how I eat. There are no set timings for certain dishes. For me, a meal should not be limited by the asian ideology of food timings. If eating a ‘breakfast’ meal for dinner is wrong, time to get a life.

Collecting bread from a bakery around the corner.

Take your time when eating in France. You are paying for the experience and the flavors. Savor the feeling. This was a longer meal. It took me around 50 minutes to eat this meal. Sitting by the sidewalks, watching horse-drawn carriages trot by and people walking up and down the streets. The food does get cold fast due to the weather, but it is nonetheless, enjoyable. Dusts do jump on your food, but it is all in the experience.

Bon appetit.

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