Ipoh : Liao Fen at Kedai Makanan Sri Mahkota


Ipoh Liu Fun (料粉) is a very common Cantonese breakfast dish.

The dish consists of Egg noodles with fried fish paste or fish balls similar to Yong Tau Foo. It is best known as Ipoh Styled Yong Tao Foo (酿豆腐).

Located on the intersection of Jln Jubilee and Jln Theatre is a place frequented often.

Though the notion is that Liu Fun is a breakfast dish, you can get it for dinner.

Housed in a very old Chinese building, Sri Mahkota is one of the placed you can come to for Liu Fun.

Just order up. I love my deep fried bean curd and bean curd skinned fish paste, fu chuk (腐竹).

Obviously, I went crazy and ordered a lot of fish balls.


The egg noodles is akin to Wan Tan Mee but the size and tastes are slightly different.  Is is an enjoyable meal to savour. How can I say no to Wan Tan Noodles and Yong Tau Foo?


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