Malaysia : Uncle Chang Bungalow, Mabul Island


Oct 26, 2009
Mon, 9:08 AM UTC +8
Uncle Chang is a business that is run by Chang. His company arranges for trips to Mabul and allows for diving in Mabul and Sipadan.
Accommodation is fairly basic and economical.

The water chalet overlooks the blue seas.

For those who love to sun tan, spend a few hours here.

Do not expect much for accommodation below RM100.

Electricity is usually turned on in the evening around 5pm and by around 10am after the morning arrivals have filled up their oxygen tanks, it is turned off.

The source of power is by fuel generators.

There were air conditioned rooms, but what good is it when there is no electricity and the night is windy cold.

I would not waddle in the water here as you all know, the bathrooms have a direct hole down to the water. Not much sanitation.

The beds are basic and made of wood.

Do not worry as it is very cold at night with the sea breeze.

As the hot day passes, time for a laze.

The mess hall is large and serves, surprisingly, very good food.

Just unwind and take in the blue.

I must say, if you can tough it out, this is sure is an economical way to see the beautiful sea.




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