Malaysia : Mabul, Sabah


Oct 26, 2009
Mon, 7:49 AM UCT +8

Fly east to Tawau, Sabah and take a boat out to Mabul some 40 minutes ride out.

Here, blue skies and emerald seas greet you.

Sit on the deck and enjoy some sun.

We walked around Mabul, a small island. The island is inhabited by a mixture of Sabahans and indigenous people from nearby islands of South Philippines

Amenities are at a minumum and I will not say that the west part of Mabul island is well kept.

Comprising of mainly stilt houses that are “water chalet”, they mainly are for budget travellers who are here to head over to Sipadan for diving spots.

You are not allowed to stay in Sipadan. So everyone uses Mabul as a base.

There is a national school here. Children of Malaysian parents will be allowed to school here. The others, do not go to school.

As you walk further east, the scenery changes as there is Sipadan Water Village Resort located. Catch the next post as I walk thru the resort.

I never knew there was such beauty in Malaysia. What a view. Spectacular.

4°14’51.9″N 118°37’38.1″E

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