Malaysia : Raub Durian Orchard


Oct 10, 2009
Sat, 10:54 AM UTC +9

My adventures took me to Pahang one October morning to visit a durian orchard. The drive past Genting Highlands and Bentong into Raub took about 90 minutes. Already, the scenery has changed.

We met the orchard owner in Raub as he had to guide us up into the orchard.

This was going to be an orchard tour.

Set on a hillside, this was a quiet place for a nice trip back into nature.

Time for durians.

Every durian served here is of the highest quality. It comes as part of the orchard tour.

The orchard owner gave us a sample of each type of durian here.

You have to taste them to know what I am talking about.

The durians were fresh and each had their separate flavor.

My favorite durian, bamboo leg was awesome. Fresh, bitter then lightly sweet and some giving an alcohol kick, this is the best durian for me.

This is the red prawn which carries a sweeter kick with a light bitter after taste.

Where is my helmet?

I love durians. RM25 per pax later, I packed the opened but unfinished durians back into the car and headed deeper into Pahang.


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