Thailand : Phromthep Cape and Karon View Point , Phuket


Phromthep Cape is a windy location to watch the sun set. Again with overcast skies, it was just to enjoy the strong breeze coming in from the sea.

Imagine throwing your thoughts across the Indian ocean and directly ahead of this will be Sri Lanka and the subcontinent of India.

This is a place where many tourist come to enjoy the evening breeze. You will see many lovers sitting here enjoy time together.

A Modern Windmill

After a while at the windy Phromthep cape, it was time to head to Karon View Point which was about a few minutes drive away.

From this viewpoint, you can see Karon and Patong Beach. Evening was coming, so were the storms.

Karon Beach

A brief stop at Karon beach and the tide was out.

Karon Snake Statue

It was time to head back and have a swim in the pool at The Tique. It has been a long day trip around Phuket.

Tomorrow will be our flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

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