Thailand : Phi Phi Island via Phuket


It was a good day for island hopping and the tours picked us up for the trip. Off to Phi Phi Island again.

This being the second time I am here, I did not take many photos. Instead, I was busy jumping into the water and floating around.

In the bays, the water was much more calmer. We endured a torrid 1 hour boat ride from Phuket. At times, the waves were so high that our boat had 2 seconds of airtime.

It is a wonderful view of the emerald water.

It was much easier to swim in the less choppy bay.

Lunch will be provided at Phi Phi Island inclusive of the island hopping fees.

You may opt to leave your things on the boat but there has been stories of things going missing. It is totally up to you.

After lunch, a stopover on on of the islands named Koh Khai on the way back to Phuket. This island has no inhabitants and people have made it a place to laze and rest around. Pay around 100 bahts for a sunchair and sit under the umbrellas. your tour usually will bring some watermelons and soda. It is a nice place to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. I fell asleep here.

It was 345pm and time to head back to Phuket to rest and then have dinner.

Andaman seafood is located on Ratuthit Songroipi Road opposite Sai Nam Yen. the price is reasonable and the food is fantastic. It is just a roadside stall so I am not sure if it is still there after so many years.

These are the condiments you add on to your fresh oysters.

Oysters, more oysters and more.

Vegetables in sweet sauce.

This was the star of the meal. At 800 baht, it was a good sized lobster. I totally enjoyed this. Every time I think of lobster, I remember this place.

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