Thailand : Phuket


Come fly with me. Phuket will be a very memorable trip. Not because of the location but who I went with.

Taking off around noon, it takes just over hour to arrive in Phuket. Phuket is slightly more busier than it’s cousin, Krabi. Phuket, for many years, has acted as the gateway to Phi Phi Island until recently when Krabi too jumped on the gateway wagon. The taxi ride from Phuket Airport to Patong takes about 45 minutes. Your taxi driver may bring you to a tour agency if you want to make plans.

It was a simple check in at The Tique on Sawadeerak Road. Located just 5 minutes walk from the beach, it was perfect location albeit the weather in June involves heavy seas and rain. We booked an island hopping tour for the next day but was guaranteed a refund if the weather was bad. Even today, the boat trips were cancelled. Tomorrow would be a gamble. Let’s hope the weather turns out fine.

The day was spent checking in and then walking around to see a bit of Patong, a typical beach town.

One thing that fascinated me about Thailand is how the electric lines are strung together. Pole after pole with them buzzing and sparks flying at times. I am definitively not touching any wires.

Seafood is very fresh and cheap in Phuket. I am hooked to lobster due to Phuket. With the Andaman sea just a few minutes walk away, fishermen go out daily to fish. Due to the storms and rainy weather, expect seafood prices to be a bit higher.

We walked around Phuket the entire afternoon and I was getting hungry.

Soi Bangla

Oysters for dinner. To be honest, it is an acquired taste for me but it was nice and fresh.

Tom yum that is white is the one that kills you. It is spicy and burns thru your throat. A fun experience.

Vegetables in Phuket are on the sweeter side.

After dinner, it was time to visit the mall of Jungceylon. This is actually a jonker themed mall. It is a modern mall and has the household names like Starbucks and Robinson.

Colored water displays are an everyday affair.

Day 1 in Patong went by quickly. Hopefully the weather is nice for tomorrow’s island hopping tour.

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