Thailand : Phi Phi Island via Krabi


Island hopping is a must when you come to Krabi. The beach of Ao Nang is pretty good but you do need to come out to the islands. About 45 minutes out of Krabi, you will be the islands around Phi Phi.

The tour will bring you via speedboat to this location for around 1000 baht per person. It is a full day and includes drinking water and lunch.

The view of James Bond island, a popular climbing location.

Chicken head. It is Chicken Island.

The first location is at Maya Island. The boat stops here for about 30 to 45 minutes. You can snorkel and feed the fish here. Do jump into the water with a life jacket as threading water is very tiring.

Crystal clear water for you to jump into and snorkel.

There are many boats here and it is wise not to float away or into the path of a speedboat.

The bay does not have a beach. You jump into blue water and swim around.

The Beach. With a high tide, the white sandy beach of Maya Beach is covered in water.

This is where The Beach was filmed. My dream is realized.

After an hour at The Beach/ Maya Beach, you will be taken for a buffet lunch at Phi Phi Island. There are shops and businesses here. You can even learn how to dive here.

After a heavy lunch, you will start to head out to return. Before doing so however, the tour will usually take you to a spot to relax and chill. Bamboo island is one such island on the way back to Krabi.

White sandy beaches and clear blue seas.

This photo is my favorite photograph of the trip. Krabi was an eye opener and it was an enjoyable trip.



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