Thailand : Phrao, Chiang Mai


It was a long 2 hour van ride into the hill to reach Phrao. The weather and temperature definately started dropping. Life certainly gets simpler here. Away from the city and even the towns, this is really rural.

Most villages are basic with a satellite dish for some communications. Not everyone gets electricity and most are obtained by petrol generators. Resources is well preserved and none is wasted.

They were preparing a pig to be roasted for the feast.

Fresh vegetables and pork.  Most of the villagers are farmers and they plant paddy in the fields.

Dawn breaks in Phrao. The velvet sky slowly lighting up. Dew can still be seen. The air is crisp and the temperature cold.

Starting a small fire, the fire will be used to warm souls and boil water for breakfast.

Though their lives are simple, the children have the loveliest smiles.

The Lao women dress in red mainly and help out in the kitchen.

Children rope skipping.

When you are this young, and living in the hills, the simplest tools are made into toys.

A Lao woman on her way home.

Life is truly simple here. They eat what they plant. Rice is sent to be sold in the markets. Most children here do not have an education. The journey to Phrao town takes about an hour and with lack of transport, many children decide to stay at home and end up skipping school. During the nights, the temperature drops to around 15 degrees Celcius. It is a comfortable 25 Celcius in the day but the wind is cool and it is nice to sit in the sun.

You do appreciate warm water, simple food, a full stomach and electricity here in the simple life.


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