Thailand : Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai reminds me of a colorful city with probably the best weather for me. Cool wind and sunshine. The nights were bone-chilling cold. You wake up feeling rested and fresh. It is so cozy. It was also my first flight in so many years and my first AirAsia flight as well. It would spark a long love relationship with the Airbus A320.

Chiang Mai is a more relaxed city if compared to Bangkok. Perhaps the cool weather distracted me from how busy it actually is.

Hats for sale? I sure hope no one steals them.

Relaxing with the newspaper.

I visited a very colorful market in Chiang Mai named Warorot Market which was built in 1910 by Jao Warorot. It is more known as Kad Luang by the locals.

There are many shops compacted into this building. Items range from foodstuff to household items.

Pig organs and pork related foodstuff is sold in the open. Many people buy these for lunch.

There are pickles and sweets on sale. They are similar in taste to the Chinese versions and probably sourced from the same Asian whole seller.

Herbs and spices and roots on sale. The prices are pretty much similar to those back in KL.

There is a flower section facing the river Ping. Fresh flowers can be bought here and most are wrapped nicely by the florists.

One thing you must do in Thailand is eat deep fried insects.

Eggs / larvae of some insect.

Just guess. Fried cicada on the bottom right.

Deep fried locusts.


Bamboo worms.

Most of these creepy crawlies taste of oil and butter. However, the larger ones will give you a weird insect metallic taste. Not for the faint-hearted. It is mainly mind over matter as the idea of putting bugs in your mouth is so repulsive.

This was a nice market visit.  A good welcome by the city of Chiang Mai.

It was time for a real lunch and it seems to me, pork is served a lot in Chiang Mai.

Roasted pork in sauce. Ginger at the side.

Ever popular Pineapple Fried Rice.

After lunch, it was time to head into the hills of Phrao. With a full stomach and a cool weather, it was time for a nap during the 2 hour long van ride.


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